Catalyst 2024

Unmet medical needs to tackle

Help MIT linQ Catalyst Fellows identify high-impact innovation opportunities

You may have encountered a range of healthcare challenges for which current enabling technologies and methods fall short. We would very much appreciate hearing about a problem you've identified, using this form or by simply sending a note to  

We are not looking for solution ideas, but rather meaty problems that the Catalyst Fellows can work on. The more specifically the problem is defined, the better. Please don’t worry if the problem is narrowly defined – those are often the most fruitful starting points.

The above sleep apnea example shows the kind of responses we are seeking. We also welcome problem descriptions with less detail, recognizing your time is limited.

Although we have no expectation that you will be involved further, if you are open to discussing the problem with us and with the Catalyst Fellows, please let us know. You can also learn more about the Catalyst here. Thank you for your kind assistance!