Spring 2020 Fellows

Mercy Asiedu

Mercy Asiedu, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Lola Baird

Lola Baird, LICSW

Senior Social Worker and Program Coordinator for the Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic, VA Boston Healthcare System

Vyda Bielkus

Vyda Bielkus

CEO Health Yoga Life, EMBA Candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management

Mark Drinkwater

Mark Drinkwater, MSN

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner at VA Boston Healthcare System in Emergency Services

Amy Hanson

Amy Hanson

Assistant Nurse Manager VA Boston Healthcare System

Trina Johnson

Natrina Johnson, PhD

Candidate in Health Services Research at Boston University School of Public Health, and researcher in the VA Boston Healthcare System

Nahum Kim

Nahun Kim

MS Candidate at MIT’s Integrated Design + Management

Jonathan Li

Jonathan Li

PhD Candidate in Computational & Systems Biology at MIT

Chelsey Solar

Chelsey Solar, PhD

Fellow in Medical Informatics at VA Boston Healthcare System

Smithri Sunil

Smrithi Sunil, PhD

Candidate in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Boston University

Eric Swart

Eric Swart, MD

Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts

Christine Zhang

Christine Zhang

MBA Candidate MIT Sloan School of Management

Kai Zhang

Kai Zhang, PhD

Senior Manager, Clinical Biomarkers and Diagnostics, Amgen