Spring 2020 Independent Advisory Panel

Saurabha Bhatnagar

Saurabha Bhatnagar, MD

  • Chief Medical Officer, Head of Technology & Performance, UnitedHealthcare
Bonnie Charland

Bonnie Charland, PhD

  • Associate Director of Quality Management, VA Boston Healthcare System
Heather Davidson

Heather Davidson, MD

  • Deputy Chief of Staff, VA Boston HCS; Hospitalist
  • Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine
Melinda Decker

Melinda Decker

  • Chief Commercial Officer, Mymee
Samuel “Mooly” Dinnar

Samuel “Mooly” Dinnar

  • Founder of Meedance
  • Instructor at Harvard and MIT
  • Author of "Entrepreneurial Negotiation"
Will Febbo

Will Febbo

  • CEO of OptimizeRx
Christiana Iyasare

Christiana Iyasare, MD

  • Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Medicine Innovation Program
  • Co-Founder, Dyrnamix, Inc.
Terry Keane

Terry Keane, PhD

  • Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development at VA Boston Healthcare System
  • Director of the National Center for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder’s Behavioral Science Division
Daphne Psacharopoulos

Daphne Psacharopoulos

  • Advisor, Digital Health, Strategy & Commercialization
Smithri Sunil

Jagesh Shah, PhD

  • Vice President, Gene Therapy Technologies at Sana Biotechnology, Inc.
Barry Stein

Barry Stein, MD, MBA, FSIR, FACR, RPVI

  • Chief Clinical Innovation Officer at Hartford HealthCare
Christine Zhang

Frances Toneguzzo, PhD

Intellectual Property and Business Strategy Consultant